Newsflash - updated 9/28/2015

We realize it's quite confusing knowing what's happening with our little headquarters on 30th. Our hours are minimal, our menu as well, and what's with the lemonade and the connection to Hawaii. We've gotten a lot of questions since closing our HQ in March and with the gate shut most of the week, it seems to only produce more questions and a few irritations. 

It's not our goal to start a new trend by being some secret waffle spot, nor is our goal to confuse you. However, our goal is also not to create some waffle empire. We are simply rolling with the punches as we decide day to day what to do with what life throws at us. Our kitchen garage needed a new permit and new construction in order to be legit with the City so we closed our gate in March 2015. However, our business has survived simply on what we make; no loans, no investors, no credit cards. Realizing that we weren't going to be able to re-open as quickly as we had hoped; we took a new route called a Mobile Food Permit. These are permits you see on food trucks, but they are also the same permit you see on coffee carts that technically don't move but can if they must. In just 2 months, we obtained this permit and created a little kitchen under a tent. 

We re-opened in May and moved towards renovating the garage kitchen where we could have an actual oven and stove, cook you eggs, and come up with other waffle concoctions. But with cooking in our commercial kitchen Wednesday and Thursday, running with markets Thursday and Sunday, and prepping for all your faces, opening the shop Friday-Sunday with giving ourselves 1 day off (Monday); we soon discovered that Tuesday was really the only time to "renovate", get quotes, work on permits, and build. 

Perhaps you can see why restaurants don't open until they are fully built! With that said, we didn't want to close to the public again so we've maintained our waffle weekends which we will continue to do so. We are still building that 1 day a week but the process is SLOW and like we said earlier, we are just rolling with the punches. 

As for the Hawaii connection; our partner in crime with the waffle world moved to the Islands shortly AFTER we opened in San Diego. He decided to do the waffle and lemonade thing on Oahu, but the climate and tourism of Hawaii seemed to grasp hold of the lemonade concept far faster than waffles; so much so, it was clear the waffles were too much to handle while bulding upon the lemonade side of things. With the waffles out of the way, it gave opportunity to pour into what a unique local lemonade stand could really be. The efforts of Hawaii slowly trickled to San Diego as we also introduced mason jars and the Aloha spirit to the mainland, but still overall, we experienced a different trend, one that favored waffles over lemonade. While these two branches came from the same root, they have become a bit separated over time and so as our headquarters remains closed during the week; we are also in talks of where to take it all from here. Do we renovate our kitchen designing it to make more waffles, expanding the menu, or do we re-design completely and give Wow Wow Lemonade more of presence in San Diego than it ever has? 

We really aren't sure, but for now, we are open with our little waffle menu (not a full breakfast experience mind you) on the weekends. We are building in the back following the rules to obtain a Restaurant permit. We are in talks with our partners and friends about the future.

We apologize for the confusion and frustration it can cause but we do not apologize for living life as it comes. Thanks for listening.