We've never been ones to want the food truck lifestyle... but in essence that is what we are doing., A Mobile Food Facility. We now have three commercial permits - one for our commercial kitchen., one for our farmers market (temporary food facility)  ., and one for our cart - mobile food facility - and technically another for our mobile auxiliary unit. All with the capital A for the letter grade...  oh, man, and in the works as we just got approval from the city to build  - is our restaurant permit. Mind you, we are not sure how much we want to build at this present moment... The plans are pretty much complete but know that we never intended or shall i say wanted to be a restaurant, however, in renting the northpark HQ space - for the sake of having a garage to move our office into, store our farmers market equipment, and have a test kitchen -- we have slowly and organically grown into something larger than ourselves. Something our immediate community seems to love. Something strangers via yelp somehow find.

--- i think that was one long run on sentence...

Okay, so for the past year we have done what some would call - proof of concept - we did if for the third time in the sense that we had to do it first with the farmers markets (2010/2011) then secondly with the wholesale accounts through local artisan hipster coffee shops such as the Coffee & Tea Collective (2012/2013) and then last year with our retail through our waffle HQ (fancy abbreviation for office and headquarters.) We spent zero dollar on marketing, avoided traditional retail signage (and secretly chuckled every time someone told us that that was the one thing we really needed.) , and if you hadn't noticed - we never did a grand opening (because in our minds it was never quite that grand) and yet with all that we have been blessed to receive much praise and free press -- on the flip side a few complaints and nasty comments (yelp - comment on previous post, etc) I guess you gotta take the good with the bad., the five stars with the ones... the foodies with the food nazi's...  it's hard not to take things personal when you put your life into them., however, everything is personal., which is why we do what we do.. not to turn tricks and make money but before that - we do what we do because we like to make people smile., bring them to a new happy place... give them a reason to socialize over a meal., and sometimes survive as we pass out meals., I always try to keep a waffle or two in my car and pass them along to those who seem to be less fortunate. I don't have much - but i do have waffles., 

Ok, i'm starting to rant... what was my point supposed to be... oh, we are not a food truck although we operate like one., Our goal isn't to be restauranteurs, however things are leaning that way so that we can serve you with our greatest degree of excellence. Which honestly, isn't much with this humble little business... we started with one iron and a batch of belgium flour and pearl sugars. We rented a garage to store equipment and have a test kitchen which turned into some sort of rebel waffle house., We like to think that we are very relational people - our staff as well - so if you ever have an issue, a gripe, an illness, a complain, or even a praise, - please let us know up front and we will bend over backwards to make things right., we did it for the city and we will do it for you.. Godspeed and happy waffling.