It was just a couple of weeks ago that we let you know Wow Wow Waffle as it stands will be entering its final resting place at the end of this month. We appreciate all the support and positive feedback as making a transition like this is stressful and challenging, so we just wanted to say thank you and give you an update!


  • It is final! We’ve signed termination contracts with Wow Wow Lemonade and wish them well on all their ventures. With that, we will officially STOP PRODUCING WWL by Saturday, March 31st.
  • WWL will continue in Oceanside, Sunset Market every Thursday night from 5-9pm, so you can continue to buy merch and jars there; as well as get a full lemonade fix.
  • We, however, will receive 1-2 flavors of WWL via KEG every couple of weeks so you will in fact be able to purchase lemonade and get your jars refilled at our location. This may occur right away or may take a couple of weeks to get our keg system up and running.
  • BUT Saturday, 3/31 – is the Last Day you can purchase Jars from our location. We will sell the remainder of our merch including hydroflasks, koozies, and lids through April until we are sold out.
  • April will officially be “Research and Development” Month or R&D as we roll out different menu items and nix others. We will rely on your feedback through out the month, as well as our staff, to see what can end up on the menu permanently.  We look forward to all the experimentation!
  • In May, we will roll out our more permanent Menu, NEW HOURS (which will include another week day and possible evening hours!), and host a Grand Opening. 


And of course, our new name… will be introduced in the next few days…Thanks again for your continued support and love. Talk soon!!