waffle HQ opening soon

Before summer shines upon us we hope to have the gates open to our new WAFFLE HQ in North Park. We will be offering a limited menu for the first month until we get grounded then hopefully by mid summer we will have a full menu day to day. Also, there will be a DIY coffee bar and our cold pressed lemonade lab. 


fun times. 



the white flag

In the 60's, Frank Sinatra owned a home in the desert with two of the tallest palm trees around. Instead of calling friends, he would raise a white flag between the two trees, signaling it was party time. We're raising the White Flag San Diego, join us.

white flag.png


The White Flag #3 : Community Dinner 

Who: You get your friends, I'll get my friends, and we can all be friends. 

What: A place for people to meet new folks, catch up with old ones, share a meal and discover more about what the community in San Diego is doing. Food truck, music, more.

Where: Liberty Station in Point Loma, 2868 Historic Decatur Road

When: Saturday, January  25th, 2014, 6:00pm

Why: Cuz it's fun. 

Please RSVP:

Follow us on Instagram: @thewhiteflagsd




coffee and tea will be closed until January 9th. therefore waffles will be unavailable there as well.